Running Shoes / SRVVLST split 7"


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listen to Running Shoes side of the split here:

Artwork by: Victoria Marcetti
7" released by: Black Ajah Records
Split tapes released by: Black Ajah Records/Driftwood Records


released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Well Wishers 2
Kill em with kindness cause everyone loves violence. Everyone has problems, everyone's is worst than the last. When we meet up be sure to say we still wish you well. And I walk and the words fall of behind me and sometimes I feed on the flesh of my foes. It's hard to forget the things we remember. I always forget how much I hate December. And sometimes I bite my tongue and I spit out the blood. And I fall but I don't walk alone. Just how far you have to climb just depends on how far you fall.